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Junk de Luxe

Junk de Luxe

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The history of JUNK de LUXE makes up the most crucial element of the DNAOriginally from Aarhus gaining significant attention and popularity due to their simple product portfolio of vintage Levi's 501 jeans and french art-deco lamps, JUNK de LUXE has a unique history which cannot be replicated.


JUNK de LUXE derives from a range of different ideas, styles and tastes making it multi-faceted.
The brand is generally made up of the best contrasting elements creating a sub-layered identity.

JUNK de LUXE masters the balance between these contradictory descriptions providing a well-balanced, pro-portional and unique overall identity.


As the name implies, JUNK de LUXE’s DNA is made up of contradictions, such as ”classic vintage”. JUNK de LUXE twists a classical and timeless design with a vintage edge through a fashion forward framework, that adds a dimension and makes it simple yet distinct.

More importantly, JUNK de LUXE never compromises on quality.


JUNK de LUXE is considered a male fashion brand in that it keeps up with current trends while not being a slave to fashion.

Trends are incorporated in the styles in a manner that makes it understated and makes it appear classic yet very modern from a wholesome point of view. Strong attention to the right cuts and details, making the garments sharp as knife in style.


JUNK de LUXE is fashionable yet timeless – A contradiction that nonetheless encapsulates the notion of JUNK de LUXE.

Inspiration is found in art, people and fashion; particularly french masculine fashion yet with a ”cool” twist that provides for a slightly more relaxed attitude than a traditional cool and sharp fashion style.


Junk de Luxe is first and foremost, about a certain kind of hip, urban attitude. An uncompromisingly urban cross over style, making its presence felt on the biggest catwalk of them all: the street.

The style is an eclectic combination of iconic style and details from many decades of fashion and function wear. Garments like Levi’s 501, the MA-1 Jacket, sharp Saville Row suits and everything in between. This is the inspiration to the design of Junk de Luxe. A design direction rooted in the best from the past, but pointing forward.



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