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KuSan make stylish woolly hats and accessories that are lovingly worn and used across the UK and Europe. They’re designed in London and handmade in Nepal from beautiful New Zealand wool.

From the day KuSan started, we set out to work with integrity across every aspect of the company’s operation. That ethos is as true today.

With the bulk of our manufacturing work in Nepal, it’s vitally important that we are on hand to look after the welfare of every person involved with the production of our accessories. Protecting workers rights and ensuring satisfactory conditions in the factory and across our many homeworkers’ homes are key factors in making sure the welfare of our teams is front of mind.

Our passion for the people of Nepal is unwavering. With the right attention, we know that behind every KuSan hat or accessory are people receiving fair wages for the hours worked within safe and decent environments – sufficient breaks, free staff food and the encouragement of collective bargaining and freedom of association which all instil a sense of self worth and pride.

We believe our hand knitters are the best in the world – many have been with us since KuSan started. You can be assured that there is absolutely NO child labour.

Sustainable Fashion

Consumers’ desire for ‘fast fashion’ is having a devasting impact on the environment and we need to do all we can to reverse that damage. In the world of fashion KuSan has a very small voice but if every brand takes a responsible approach to sourcing, processes etc, collectively we can try and reduce the industry’s negative impact. Transparency is therefore crucial. Other than importing the raw material from New Zealand all our processes are carried out in the Kathmandu valley.

Standard labels only declare where clothes are constructed. This makes all the other processes such as spinning, dyeing and labelling, invisible to the consumer. KuSan works closely with the factory ensuring that all these stages are carefully considered so that their social and environmental impact is not overlooked. Colour dyes are tested to exceed REACH regulations.

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